ACSS Bratislava ACSS Bratislava ACSS Bratislava

Company profile

Business name: ACSS, spol. s.r.o.
Headquarter: 813 39 Bratislava, Cukrová 14
Legal form: Limited liability company
Basic financial means: 39 867 €
Registration: district court Bratislava 1, section / supplement num. : Sro/ 6810/B
IČO: 31 370 268
DIČ: 2020309280
IČ DPH: SK2020309280
The year of establishment: 1994

  • The company as the owner of the commercial administrative building in the centre of Bratislava deals with the complex property management since 1996.
  • The main activity of the company is to rent non-residential premises and provide services of virtual offices.
  • The company offers as well additional services to the rental, i.e. the option to rent a parking spot in the private car park, the rental of meeting rooms and also provides voice, internet and TV services for tenants.
  • The company employs 13 own employees.
  • There is a complete reconstruction of the building – new thermal insulated frontage, plastic windows possible to open, representative vestibule, camera and access system.
  • There are 4 lifts at disposal – three personal and one cargo lift with an access to a platform.
  • To the building belongs an own car park with the option to rent a parking spot and with a stand for bicycles.

Statement of the business register: