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Service and utilities

The service and utility bills are included in the rent.

  • 24/7 24-hour access to the building for tenants, entering system controlled by using access cards
  • RECEPTION non-stop receptionist and information services
  • REGISTRY daily intake, sorting and storage of post
  • CLEANING daily cleaning of offices and common areas
  • SANITARY FACILITIES are shared and located on each floor; some offices have water supply
  • MAINTANENCE routine maintenance and servicing of common areas and rented offices
  • STRUCTURED CABLING in rented offices
  • UTILITIES heating, water supply, electricity supply
  • WASTE REMOVAL removal and disposal of waste, waste sorting – paper, plastic
  • ELEVATOR three passenger elevators are available, one with a freight ramp

Additional Services Not Included in the Rent

  • INTERNET data-unlimited non-stop high-speed connection provided by optical land line LAST MILE provider
  • AUDIO telecommunication connection to the public network via a PBX or VoIP PBX (new since May 2016)
  • TV digital cable TV as an additional service to the Internet connection
  • PARKING private car park, equipped with parking area for bicycles, includes the possibility of short-term and long-term lease of a parking spot and enables parking for tenants’ visitors
  • CATERING directly in the building – breakfasts, lunches, warm and cold dishes; refreshments can be ordered
  • MAINTENANCE maintenance and servicing of premises beyond the routine maintenance and servicing
  • MEETING ROOMS two air-conditioned meeting rooms with a capacity of 40 or 10 people, equipped with audio and video technology and Internet connection, at a discounted price for our contractual partners
  • FURNITURE furnishing of rented offices, depending on the capacity of the lessor
  • VIRTUAL OFFICE provision of a virtual office or a contact address
  • IT OUTSOURCING management and servicing of tenants’ information technologies
  • SERVICES OF ENTITIES established in the building – notary services, lawyers, architects, insurance brokers, psychologists, language schools, catering business, printing and reprographic services, beauty parlours, IT services, recruitment agencies, etc.